Tuesday, 16 February 2016


It is no longer news that the level of unemployment in the world at large is becoming very alarming on daily bases, even the oil and gas industries that us to employ tens of thousands of people are now sacking their employees. This trend will not stop because the price of crude oil is going down daily. In fact someone said that the time of crude oil is fast passing away just like coal. I think I agree with him because fossil fuel is destroying our environment. 

It is time to join the green energy world by becoming one of the smartest guys that are designing, building and installing solar power system. The training comes up this Saturday, 20th Feb. 2016 @ Sentel plaza, No 9 East West road, opposite deeper life Hqtrs, rumuodara, Port Harcourt. 

Do not be told about this, this is the new source of energy. It is noiseless with no pollution, very clean energy source, The sun.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

VIP Solar Training Workshop

Do you know you are a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON (VIP) in this world? You are. That is why in this world nobody has the same finger print as you. You are unique and uniquely created. The Bible say "you are are fearfully & wonderfully made". This is why we want to treat you the way you are. A very important person. We want give you the best Solar panels & inverter building Training workshop just for you alone. This Training is not only going to be VIP workshop, but will be one-on-one. We have a very small & comfortable training center now to give you the best hand on training workshop that focus on you and you alone. 

This is just a little way to appreciate you as the most wonderful creature. This training is going to be the best with super class materials & after training FREE consultancy. 

 Please Note 

 Solar energy is the only form of energy you can create in your own home. You can’t drill an oil well in your backyard, build a hydroelectric dam, or install a nuclear reactor. But you can capture the power of the sun! Even better, you can build the system required to create solar energy using simple tools and no complicated equipment.

We will be working with many internationally respected solar energy experts who have worked for NASA. In the videos, they will make the case for solar energy and explain how it can end your reliance on commercial energy while at the same time increasing the resale value of your home if you wish to.







In this easy-to-understand  videos, they will explain:

  • What simple requirements are necessary for your home to be converted to solar energy

  • How solar energy panels will pay for themselves several times over in very little time

  • How easy it is to install an off-grid solar energy system using a few simple tools

  • How your home’s solar energy system will free you from blackouts and brownouts forever

The best part of all is that once your home has been converted to a low-maintenance solar energy system, you can harness power of the sun to power your home for free, forever!

That is why this Saturday 23rd January, 2016 @ Sentel Plaza, No 9 East West Road, Opposite Deeper Life Head Quarters, Rumuodara, by 8:00am we will be with all the VIPs for this Training. Please note that the space for this training is very small. All registration must be completed on or before Thursday, 21st January, 2016. Contact 2347031933343 for more details.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Another Opportunity Is Here, Act FAST before OFFER this goes away forever!!!

On 27th & 28th of November, 2015 we had a great 2-in-1 first of its kind practical workshop on FREE ELECTRICITY generation from the SUN. The training was great and packed full that all the participants were motivated, excited and grateful for partaking in the workshop.

What excited us most was that among all the participants, only 20% were electrical in cline, 20% were pharmacists, 40% were management scientists and another 20% were art in cline in fact linguist. Every participant understood every aspect of the training because it was a do-it-yourself form of training and we maintain a very simple CODE called KIS; keep it simple.

Like Jesus said “many were called but few were chosen”. Many were invited via WHATAPP, FACEBOOK, SMS, PHONE CALLS, FLIERS, POSTER, BANNERS & WORD OF MOUTH. But only few made it due to some many circumstances beyond their control. After the training many began to call asking for another opportunity. A popular musician sang that “opportunity comes but once”.

But looking at the economic situation and the amount of money many people are spending to buy fuel for their generators particularly now that we are suffering from FUEL scarcity, we decided to conduct another training on 16th January, 2016 @ SENTEL PLAZA, OPPOSITE DEEPER LIFE HQTS, RUMUODARA, PORT HARCOURT to give another opportunity for all those that miss the first training. 

The cost of the training was N20, 000:00 & will remain the same to cover all the logistic and training materials. You will have the same quality of training & more materials easy to follow Ebooks, Certificate, videos, drawings and pictures to build your own solar panels and inverter to generate FREE ELECTRICITY FROM THE SUN.

You will also get design analysis from our partners to get business opportunities.


 If you cannot come for the training, get the same training materials at half the price.

Just follow these simple steps

  • Pay into any Ecobank, the account name, Okram Integrated Services, Account Number 2842046809 or Diamond Bank same Account name, Account Number 0067190848.

Please in case you are outside Port Harcourt and you want the materials delivered to your door post add N2000 for courier service, making N12000, and we will deliver it that same hour to you.

  • After payment, send us a text message stating your name in full, your payment details, your email address, your house address and telephone number to 07031933343. We will send you an email containing your EBooks, drawings and pictures, as you read and wait for your Videos to arrive.

You will also receive updates from time to time from us.
Please note that this offer may not last forever, as soon as we get the numbers of persons we can work with, this offer will disappear.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


  The holy bible says ‘’my people are   destroyed due to lack of  knowledge (ignorance). Sometimes I wonder why Africa  is regarded as a poor continent despite here abundance natural and human resources. The truth is that most if not all the African leader are ignorant of the fact that their problem is ignorance. This had made them to keep running to the whites for the solutions to their problems. The whites are not God, they have their problem also, and only that they try to solve their problems without running to anybody for solutions. When these whites have problems, they look inwardly, because there is always a solution to every problem and the answer will always come from within. Some countries like Germany does not have enough sun shine daily and petroleum, and she not generate electricity for her citizen. She harnessed the sun and generates up to 35.5 billion of watts of electricity.  

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Do ever consider the dangers you expose yourself & your family members every time you turn on your generator to power your homes and offices? Many families have lost their lives from the fumes coming from the exhaust of their generators, others to fires from the fuel they stored. You can stop endangering your health and that of others when you power your homes and offices from the electricity coming from the SUN via your own self-made solar panels & inverters.
Attend this FIRST of its kind 2-in-1 FREE electricity training workshop coming up on 27th & 28Th Nov in PHC for 20k only. Yes you can!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Few days ago I posted why public power (NEPA or PHCN or their new name I don’t know) will never work in Nigeria. I know so many persons never believed me or felt I was just writing for the sake of writing, but the reality on ground is showing that right away. Not few days after the post, we all suffered a very terrible fuel scarcity where a liter of petrol (PMS) goes for up to N300:00 in some places and transport cost went up by 100%. My heart went to some of my friends that were running generators to power their businesses; I know that these guys are in a big loss. With no public power available, and no fuel available to run their generators, I know they are in a big trouble. I now said to myself “why are we suffering in the midst of abundance”. We are the 7th largest producer of crude oil in the world with none of the FOUR refineries working. We still depend on refined products outside the country so the importers can toy with us whenever they like. Anyway that is the problem of the government; they have to deal with it.

We are blessed with an average of 10 hours of sunshine daily and up to 12 hours of sunshine in the northern part of this country, yet we are not generating single electricity to the grid via the sun. It is a pity that we are suffering in the midst of abundance due to ignorance. The holy bible said, “My people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge”. Germany is generating up to 35.5GW as at 2013 with an average of 5-6 hours of sunshine daily. This means we do not know how to do that. But we can generate up to 100GW of electricity from the sun into the national if we want and know that we can.



The opportunity is coming is your way for the first time to build your own solar panels from the scratch. Yes you can. This is very simple and the solar panel companies in China, America and Europe will not want you to know so that you keep on buying their solar panel at a high price. It is time for us to WAKE UP from our sleep and slumber. Click here to know how.